I listed a few reasons why you should take me seriously and believe everything I said on this website. First and foremost I am trying to “educate” the rest of the humanity about the CIA and NSA Elites’ mind boggling secret Mind Control, Directed Energy Weapon and Invisibility Cloaking Technologies only I know (in certain aspects) with 100% certainty, as a victim since 2001/2002.

I was born with a gift of unique perception ability/sixth sense (don’t know what to call it myself) though I am not sure how much percentage of it I augmented in my late teens by learning to perceive in a certain way. When I was a kid, my parents used to say that I have extra ordinary powers of observation and my mother once in a while (which she may not remember now because of old age) used to say “aavilisthe pegulu lekka pedathadu maa abbai” in my native language “Telugu” which literally translates to “if you yawn, my son will count your guts” and figuratively translates to “my son can see things not visible to the naked eye”. I do NOT have any paranormal powers, whatever I described on this website are just “perception abilities in certain aspect” and nothing more. Any reasonably intelligent person/target who learns and accepts Mind Control technologies are real, will be able to perceive “some” of the perpetrators’ secret messages BUT the rest will be “humanly impossible”.

If you ask the CIA and NSA Elites who illegally and secretly watched me for 15 years since 2001, they will tell you in private “I am a million times better than what my mother said about me”, because my mother did NOT have the “power, technology, resources and intelligence” of CIA and NSA Elites to test my skills. They have been pulling the hair out of their heads since 2001 trying to figure WHY my perception ability is different from the perception abilities of the rest of the human race. When I was a teenager I used to joke though rarely, that I have a “third eye”. Ironically I would have never known about the extent of my own GIFT if the perpetrators didn’t come into my life uninvited.

They failed to figure out “Scientifically” how I perceive things, despite using the “best professionals” in every field at their disposal. As of today, I remained an unsolved puzzle for them.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that I created so many records since 2001 in CIA and NSA elites history, they will never ever be broken by “pure 100% human beings” but a few centuries from now may be broken by “artificially programmed human machines”.

I can see the “big picture” better than any human being on the planet. This is NOT a brag, this is a FACT. As a matter of fact, the perpetrators themselves confirmed this to me (not that I need one from these CIA “clowns”) by remotely programming one of my friends to text me “Fact is a Fact” in September 2015 the day after I remembered the sentence above.

You won’t be able to test my skills because you do NOT have the power, resources and Mind Control technologies of CIA and NSA Elites. But you can have French Neuro-Scientist John Pierre Changeux conduct any number of tests on me any time any where to determine if I have unique perception abilities since he is privy to Mind Reading at a distance technologies.

Just so you know and understand, I am NOT tooting my own horn here. I couldn’t care less what any one thinks of me. Even if 7.3 billion human beings say in unison I am delusional, it wouldn’t bother me an iota and I can only PITY the entire human race for they do NOT know what kind of dangers they have been facing for more than 35 years from this deadly combination of Mind Control and Invisibility Cloaking Technologies and portable Directed Energy Weapons secretly developed by CIA and NSA Elites.

I am giving you reasons why you should take me seriously, because if you take me seriously, you will start getting closer to the real reality that exists today, about which you have absolutely NO clue whatsoever as of today. I myself lived in a “delusional reality” until 2001 just like you and the rest of the humanity on this planet, but was exposed to the “real reality” since 2001 by the CIA and NSA Elites.

Physicists and Astro-Physicists “understand” the theoretical concepts of Time and Space factors better than me BUT no one can “use” Time and Space factors for “perception purposes” better than me.

The things I said on this website will make me look like “the most delusional human being ever on this planet”. But consider this for a moment. What “IF” everything I said is real, truthful and factual…..would you accept I am a “Unique Human Being” ?

CIA and NSA Elites have God Like Powers of Remote Mind Reading, Mind Programming and Invisibility Cloaking technologies and YET I HAVE NO RESPECT for their abilities and intelligence and they know this for a FACT too because obviously they remotely read my “brain thought processes and emotions.” Their technologies can be replicated over time by others BUT my abilities are unique and can never be replicated or taught (though I would love to try) to any one.

Remember, one out of 1.2 billion (mathematical possibility) Indians can have some unique ability by nature or nurture or by accident. I am an American Citizen of East Indian ethnicity.

1) I am well educated and reasonably intelligent person and have about 130 IQ in tests administered by US Government. I have a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Graduate degree in Computer Science and worked for 12 years in Fortune 100 companies.

2) I never did drugs as of February 2015 except once as an act of defiance and rarely drink if ever.

3) I have an innate ability to separate wheat from the chaff almost instantly.

4) I have an extraordinary ability to create unlimited temporary space instantly in my brain OR in the space around me (us) OR in the visualization space and fill it up with all but ONLY the relevant factors of an issue and process the information at lightning speed and deduce, infer or conclude logically. In other words, I learned to use the space around us as “my brain space”.

5) I do NOT make any money or become famous by creating this fiction. On the other hand, all this stuff makes me look delusional and mentally ill.

6) I know the mentality of the CIA, FBI and NSA Illuminati Terrorists like the back of my palm since I dealt with them for more than 15 years since 2001.

7) I remained completely rational and sane despite being physically and mentally tortured for 15 years since 2001, which no other human being would have even managed and survived. Period.

8) I am NOT a communist, muslim terrorist, cuban, north korean, russian, chinese or from any American adversary country which means I have NO reason to hate CIA, NSA or FBI.

9) I do NOT exaggerate or create fiction like majority of human beings.

10) I do NOT belong to any right wing militia groups or any political parties or radical organizations, right wing or left wing.

11) You should be able to easily infer that if I am delusional, I would have never been able to meticulously document at molecular level and explain everything “logically” including the underlying technology like I did on this website.

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