These Mind Reading and Invisibility Cloaking and Directed Energy Weapons Technologies

literally gave the CIA and NSA Psychopaths God like Powers to do whatever they

want and whenever they want and where ever they want without leaving an iota of evidence.

There is NO meaning for the word human being anymore since CIA and NSA Terrorists have the ability to chip and electronically plant memories, steal ideas, plant thoughts, artificially alter sports events outcomes, project images and videos like dreams in REM sleep, implicate innocent people by planting DNA evidence, alter test results, remotely program witnesses to lie, influence Judges, Prosecutors, cops, defendants and pretty much remotely orchestrate everything like GODS.

The Perpetrators can use their technologies to manipulate and control in subtle ways, the outcome of daily events. The TI can’t always tell if they are acting on their own thoughts or those imprinted in their consciousness by outside sources. The only way to know is to be sure that what they do and think is consistent with their personalities. The TI has to learn to differentiate his/her own thoughts (practicing self awareness) from those that are induced by external sources. That is just a surface description of the complexity involved.

Human brain has no firewall and hence there is no effective way to stop the CIA and NSA Psychopaths from remotely reading and programming human minds.

I listed below a few things the CIA and NSA Psychopaths can do and in fact have been doing behind your back for the last 40 years. You can’t even imagine the ginormous number of applications of their mind boggling technologies.

1) Planting DNA and other evidence and falsely implicating innocent people in crimes

committed by CIA and NSA Psychopaths OR even other people.

2) Secretly chipping CEO’s and CFO’s and bugging their computers and reading financial figures like EPS, Revenues etc from their minds and computers and listening to their private conversations AND trading stocks based on this advance insider information without an iota of trail of evidence.

3) Secretly entering peoples homes and doing web searches and sending incriminating emails from the target’s computers to implicate them in crimes CIA and NSA Psychopaths OR other people committed.

4) Altering sports events outcomes by remotely altering/disturbing/disorienting players minds for a few seconds at crucial junctures to affect the outcome of any game or sporting event AND betting on those sports events and making money without leaving an iota of evidence.

5) Remotely altering/disturbing minds of jockeys in a horse race at crucial junctures to artificially decide the winner.

6) Artificially decide the WSOP Main Event winner by remotely programming opponents cards into the brain of another player’s brain OR reading one players hands from his chipped brain and influencing the decision of the other player etc. This actually can be accomplished in multitude of ways.

7) Secretly enter forensic labs and alter forensic test results of defendants and artificially changing the outcome of jury trials.

8) They can literally murder any human being in a zillion ways and make it look like death by natural causes.

9) Secretly enter innocent subjects homes and place drugs and guns and get them indicted.

10) Programming stocks, bonds and commodity traders and influencing them to make bad decisions causing millions or even billions of dollars of losses and making money on the other side of the trade.

11) Remotely altering the speech of TV anchors as they demonstrated publicly many times. You can watch those videos on Youtube.

12) Remotely inducing heart attacks and causing pain in any part of the body and also injecting viruses, diseases and causing cancers by radiation without leaving an iota of evidence.

13) Remotely manipulating and influencing subway riders to abuse others using obscene language and create fights.

14) Remotely Programming mentally weak people over a period of time to commit murders and suicide.

15) Remotely plant fake memories in people’s brains and instigate them to accuse their family members or others of sexually abusing them.

16) Remotely delete memories from the brain for ever.

17) Remotely influencing daily decisions and artificially altering the natural course of lives.

18) Remotely create arguments between neighbors, family members or wives and husbands for example and break up their relationships.

19) Replacing medical specimens to guarantee fake results that will lead to lawsuits against professionals like doctors etc

20) Remotely influencing people and artificially create relationships between people like Adjustment Bureau movie.

21) Remotely influencing witnesses to lie and influencing Prosecutors, Judges, Defense attorneys, Jurors and even defendants to alter the outcome of a case or a trial.

22) Remotely disorient and confuse politicians and public people and destroy their careers and lives.

23) Sabotage cars, buses, boats, planes and make them look like accidents.

24) Remotely influence and disorient drivers and get them to cause accidents without leaving any evidence.

25) Secretly chip all politicians and read their thought processes and influence their decisions to be favorable to CIA and NSA and the Military Industrial Complex.

26) Steal business ideas from one person’s mind and plant those ideas into other human’s minds.

27) Remotely read defense attorney’s strategy and tactics and program them into Prosecutor’s mind or vice versa.

28) Create programmed assassins and remotely delete memories after the incident.

29) Remotely torture people by beaming voices into skulls and non-stop commentary and instigate them to go on mass killing sprees.

30) Secretly torturing people physically and giving them disabilities without leaving an iota of evidence.

31) Secretly torturing people mentally and driving them to insanity and make them end up in mental institutions.

32) Remotely create problems at work place between neighbors, between colleagues and with managers and getting people fired.

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