The following are a few examples of CIA, NSA and FBI Illuminati Terrorists stalking and threatening me and putting me under illegal, secret surveillance blatantly violating my constitutional right to privacy since 2001.

CIA and NSA Psychopaths did all these things to TERRORIZE and Psychologically TORTURE ME and to alter my perception ability and drive me to insanity since 2001.

There are many incontrovertible clues in these threats to prove this person “bhandava” is one of the secret society CIA, FBI and NSA psychopaths.


On January 23rd, 2008 CIA and NSA Psychopaths stalked me on the internet and posted the following threats with a fake name “bhandava” on the usenet sports group directly to me.

a) Our operatives were even in your Marietta Apartment “while you slept” and we left reminders for you to notice (my comment: by moving things around)

b) Nobody can find “our” GPS tracker in “your” car

c) We can access you anywhere, anytime and you can’t protect yourself

d) We can deliver a swift removal of you

e) We have been stalking you for 7 years (as of 2008)



FYI, I “never ever” used my real name to post any comments on the internet and always used fake names and internet proxy servers ever since I was first introduced to internet in 1987 as a graduate student. I protected my privacy like a freak, and yet this Psychopath knew that I lived in “Marietta” even though I lived there just for 3 months in a Sublet apartment back in 2004. I never ever mentioned anywhere the year I became a US Citizen. Even my own family members do NOT know it but yet this Psychopath knew that I became a US Citizen in 2000. These TWO FACTS conclusively prove he is from very powerful organizations like CIA and NSA.

CIA and NSA Illuminati Terrorist “bhandava” threatened me

a) You are a mere experiment to us

b) You already know we could swiftly remove you at our whim

c) How many people disappear without a trace every year

d) We keep you for a reason

e) We have been watching you for more than 15 years (as of 2008)

f) More than half the posters on are our agents across the globe

g) Nobody can break our network and track us back from these threat messages.

h) Every one will “assume” your torture is delusional

i) We mentioned “Marietta” so you can understand our scope.



One day I stood on a chair and touched the ceiling of my bedroom with my fingers to see if I can sense or feel any video camera lenses CIA and NSA Psychopaths illegally planted. CIA and NSA Psychopaths obviously “read my private thoughts and also saw what I did in my bedroom” and made fun of me the next day with this message “You think it’s a movie and cameras will have glass lenses and be placed in the ceiling, LOL”. Then this CIA and NSA Psychopath who used a fake name “bhandava” bragged and challenged to find their multiple video feeds.

CIA and NSA Terrorist “bhandava” threatens me

a) Consequence of exposing us will be your swift and complete removal

b) We put multiple secret illegal video surveillance cameras in your apartment

c) We challenge you to disturb even one video feed



CIA and NSA Illuminati Terrorist “bhandava” subliminally programming me to commit suicide and also brags

a) Police are mere pawns in our network

b) They are only useful in cleaning up crimes we commit

c) The agent you responded to, is an expert in guns

d) Be careful, that agent can easily manipulate your finances

e) You should commit suicide

f) That’s the only way to end our control of you


In “October 2004″ I posted on internet forums from an Indian Cybercafe, about how the FBI, CIA and NSA Terrorists have tortured me in USA.

CIA and NSA Illuminati Terrorists responded by warning me that they are still watching me, even though I am 8000 miles away from US borders in India.

From: [“J NIcklebaker”] <>

Newsgroups: alt.liberalminded,alt.messianic,alt.mac,,alt.startrek

Subject: Re: AMERICAN GOVT is full of SADISTS and PERVERTS

Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2004 14:06:18 +0100


Lines: 30

Message-ID: <>


X-Priority: 3

X-MSMail-Priority: Normal

X-Newsreader: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2900.2180

X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2900.2180

X-RFC2646: Format=Flowed; Original




> BLATANT human rights violations by FBI SADISTS and PERVERTS.


> Please SAVE this post on your hard disks or email account and also

> bookmark it because the FBI sadists are gonna force the websites to

> remove this posting for good. I posted this column to pretty much all

> “active newsgroups” three weeks ago but the FBI “ARM TWISTED” and

> “FORCED” google management to “REMOVE 90% of them” from the USENET and

> violated my FREEDOM OF SPEECH.


> Undercover FBI agents will attack me, ridicule me and discredit me

> with fictitious userids in response to this post and I request all

> readers to completely IGNORE those MANIPULATIVE, LYING FBI perverts

> and sadists.


<snip material contrary to the NATIONAL INTEREST>

[We have ASKED you before not to post this information. When you left home yesterday I didn’t think you would be

thinking of this.

You have looked spooked lately when we have been WATCHING you.

Be warned.]


While in India I “thought” about how to evade the CIA and NSA Surveillance and “decided to rent a very small place on my own” very secretly without even telling any of my family members.

CIA and NSA Illuminati Terrorists “read my private thoughts with Satellites” and posted the following sarcastic message with Subject “[Looking for little place of my own]”.!msg/misc.survivalism/ttnNfL068w8/_W6RKO1PgoMJ

Newsgroups: misc.survivalism,alt.privacy

From: [“looking-for-new-home”] <looking…>

Subject: [Looking for little place of my own]

Date: 19 Jan 2005 15:27:16 -0800

I am tired of living in apartment buildings, paying high rent to greedy
landlords who don’t want to provide maintenance services. [I am looking
for a TINY piece of land with a TINY house, cottage, trailer, barn or
shed on it]
(or can be built on it) anywhere in the USA.
If you know anything, please post or e-mail me.

Thanks a lot.


While in India, on January 23rd, 2005 I “thought” about seeking political asylum and immigrating to France and asking the French government for help to protect me from the CIA and NSA Psychopaths Tortures.

CIA and NSA Illuminati Psychopaths “read my private thoughts with Satellites” and posted this message (to a comment I posted with username AnswertheQuestion) the next day on January 24th, 2005 inviting me to France and secretly informing me that they will torture me in France too.

Newsgroups: alt.privacy, alt.privacy.anon-server

From: “nono_le_petit-robot” <…@merci.beaucoup>

Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 23:09:06 +0100

Subject: Re: Lets kill off 6 billion inferior non-americans — Bush

[Welcome everybody in France. Everybody, include answerthequestion who will discover many interresting



Then on January 30th, 2005 I “thought” of immigrating to Australia” as an alternative to escape the CIA and NSA Tortures and “wondered” how much protection would I get from human rights organizations there.

CIA and NSA Illuminati Terrorists “read my private thoughts” via Satellites and posted this message the next day on January 31st, 2005 with the words “Australian Bill of Rights” to secretly inform me that they knew what I was thinking.

Newsgroups: alt.privacy, alt.privacy.anon-server

From: Anonymous <nob…>

Date: 31 Jan 2005 16:33:28 -0000

Subject: Re: [The Australian Bill of Rights]


On January 21st, 2005 while still in India, I “thought” and realized the CIA and NSA Psychopaths can even “read my sub vocal speech”.

CIA and NSA Psychopaths “read my private thoughts with Satellites” and posted the following sarcastic message the next day on January 22nd, 2005 with Subject: “Can anyone hear me?”!msg/alt.privacy/DVRilZvBCAQ/bHmZhhAj4scJ

Newsgroups: alt.privacy

From: thunderbird <sky…>

Subject: Re: [Can anyone hear me?]

Date: 22 Jan 2005 01:41:52 -0800


I was in India in August 2005 and my home internet connection was down for a couple of days due to some problems at the local Internet Service Provider.

CIA and NSA Illuminati Terrorist with fake name “Narayanan” abused me and my family and he also knew that my internet connection was down.


From: [“Narayanan”] <askur…>

Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 06:04:04 +0100

Subject: Lots of fun squarecu*nt

[u still hv no internet conection hahaha]


On June 12th, 2006, I stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom and cut my finger nails, blew air on fingernails to remove any dust and then put my palm close to the chest and moved it horizontally while checking in the mirror if everything is okay and thought my nails were shining and then “wondered” in my mind if the CIA and NSA psychopaths were “watching me even in my bathroom.”

CIA and NSA Psychopaths “read my private thoughts” and posted this message the same day on June 12th, 2006 with fake name “Rebecca” about 30 minutes later informing me they are watching me even in my bathroom. It also PROVES BEYOND DOUBT that they can “read my private thoughts” because the Psychopath specifically mentioned “shining motion”.!msg/sci.anthropology/LgbunT2Xd9Y/w_WsiuHJQJYJ


On March 17th, 2002 I put a brand new Dell Flat Panel Monitor on sale on Ebay with Item Number 2010754803. When I created the advertisement on Ebay, I basically cut and paste the entire product specifications directly from Dell website but “removed” just one sentence, exactly what it is I do NOT recall now since it happened long time back.

CIA, FBI and NSA Illuminati Psychopaths “read my private thought” of removing that one line and emailed me about the Dell Monitor for Sale the next day on March 18th, 2002 with a sarcastic message “Can you tell me EXACTLY how tall the unit is from top of screen to Bottom of Stand. Do you think it can be unscrewed from stand and propped. I assume that it is compatible with Non-Dell PCs”, as can be seen in the following image. I guarantee 100% this guy with EbayId “spodekmodek” and I inferred his name to be “Frank Spodek” is a government agent in the year 2002, whether it is FBI or CIA or NSA or some other agency.


I got ADT security to install a home security alarm system in my apartment in 2006 in San Jose, CA to protect myself from constant break-ins by the CIA and NSA Illuminati Terrorists, when I was not at home and when I was at home sleeping in the night. I had ADT install the security system using both landline phone and cell phone modes and set the security password on the panel by covering the panel and my head with a newspaper so CIA and NSA surveillance devices in my apartment, cannot see the password.

But the CIA and NSA Illuminati terrorists still broke my security system multiple number of times by remotely reading the password from my brain. ADT Security personnel called me a few times warning me that there is a break-in in my apartment even though the security alarm was turned off and vice versa.

I reported these problems to ADT over a period of three weeks. ADT security sent different personnel to my apartment on multiple occasions but they failed to fix the problems even after completely installing a brand new security system panel and circuitry made by a different company. They finally gave up and told me they have NO clue how to fix the problems.

Eventually I got frustrated and removed the ADT Security System on August 7th, 2006 after the CIA and NSA Illuminati Terrorists posted a message on newsgroup on July 28th, 2006 with Subject: [STOP what you’re doing – It doesn’t work! 8DH6] with my security code 8DH6 secretly informing me “to STOP wasting time trying to protect myself with the home alarm security system and that they can break it any time at will.”

CIA and NSA Illuminati Terrorists posted their message with “No Archive” option and hence “I saved their message headers” and replied to their post so there is a permanent record of their message headers on internet, as you can see in the following link.

I also attached three copies of dated work order and repair records with description, from ADT Security Systems below.

Just so you understand, if an ordinary security alarm company like ADT can STOP CIA and NSA Psychopaths from entering my/your home, CIA and NSA would have been OUT OF BUSINESS eons ago.


From: [xgmgfclk@email.adr]    

Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2006 23:55:30 GMT

Subject: [STOP what you’re doing – It doesn’t work! 8DH6]


On February 17th, 2009 I drove to Los Angeles to play LA Poker Open at Commerce Casino and stayed at Super 8 Motel in Commerce and “consciously thought” and parked my SUV in the “parking space closest to my room” in one of the three empty spaces.

When I woke up the next morning, CIA and NSA Illuminati Psychopaths moved my SUV to the adjacent parking space from the one I parked the previous night, to secretly inform me they not only “read my private conscious thoughts” but they want to destroy my perception ability and they were stalking me even when I travelled to Los Angeles from San Jose.


On June 7th, 2007 I was with my Psychiatrist in a session in San Jose. During the appointment, I mentioned to the Psychiatrist that the CIA and NSA Psychopaths probably installed secret illegal video surveillance devices in his office to watch my appointment session with him.

CIA and NSA Psychopaths watched this conversation with illegal secret video surveillance devices in my Psychiatrist’s office and a couple of minutes later, called my cell phone and spoofed the phone number 408-504-9530 and Caller Name: “RossConstruction” to secretly inform me the illegal secret surveillance devices are in the “Construction” of the room.

Please do NOT call that number and bother the owner, since the owner didn’t make that call to my number. The number was spoofed by the CIA and NSA Terrorists.


In May 2008 I won a Word Series of Poker Main Event Seat on and played the Main Event in July 2008 and stayed at Rio Casino, Las Vegas. I have a habit of applying chap stick to my lips every night before I go to sleep. As usual I did that and put the chap stick on the bedside end table as shown in Picture2 and went to sleep after blocking the hotel room door with two chairs as shown in Picture1 to stop the CIA and NSA Psychopaths from entering my room in the night time when I am asleep.

CIA and NSA Illuminati Psychopaths used Cloaking technology to enter my hotel room that night while I was asleep and moved the chap stick from the bedside end table in Picture2 to the table next to the hotel room entrance as shown in Picture3.

FYI, I do NOT have any psychological problems or sleep walking or any other mental problems. This is purely CIA and NSA Psychopaths “demonstrating their Cloaking and other technologies” to me and also trying to mentally torture me and alter my perception ability.


By August 2004 I used every trick in the book to evade CIA and NSA Surveillance but failed. I decided to finally try one last time and then give up. To eliminate the possibility of CIA and NSA Psychopaths tracking me with secret GPS tracking chips in the clothes on my body, watch, wallet, shoes, sox, belt, etc I went to Walmart sometime in August 2004 and bought all those items brand new and then changed my clothes in Walmart parking lot (after making sure no one is watching me) and threw away the old clothes, watch, shoes, sox, belt, credit cards and then went to Avis, rented a car and drove for two hours north of Atlanta on I-75, got off and rented a motel room paying them cash and giving them a fake name and fake address with an excuse of lost wallet.

I locked the motel room door complete with CHAIN-LOCK and pushed the room’s two chairs one on top of the other against the door to block anybody coming into my room when I am asleep. I then made sure the window of the room is also locked properly and went to sleep after setting the alarm clock on the end table to 8 AM.

When the alarm bell rang the next morning I woke up to astonishment, the alarm clock was moved to the dresser from the end table even though the two chairs were up against the motel room door and there was NO sign of break in.

CIA and NSA Psychopaths “used cloaking and other technologies” to enter my motel room that night and “moved the alarm clock from the end table to the dresser.”

When I checked out of the room and got into my rental car, I found the CIA and NSA Psychopaths “moved the cup holder from its original position to the back seat of the car,” to secretly inform me that I can never evade their surveillance no matter what precautions I take.

This clearly and logically PROVES, CIA and NSA Psychopaths tracked me with GPS chip inserted in my body, which I figured in 2006 to be multi-functional as explained on the rest of the website.

Remember all this happened in August 2004.

I attached edited copies of my credit card statements which show that I rented cars and stayed in motels during this time even though I had my own car and my own rented apartment in Altanta Metro area. Also I attached a copy of CIA and NSA Psychopath with fake name bhandava, 4 years later in “2008 bragging” and reminding me about their unbreakable surveillance capabilities and leaving reminders.


I stayed in Tuscany Suites in Las Vegas when I played Wynn Classic Poker tournament in March 2010. On March 13th of 2010, my beard grew back within a few hours after I shaved in the morning that day and I “wondered” how movie actors like George Clooney stop their beard from growing back fast, when they are shooting a movie all day.

CIA and NSA Illuminati Terrorists “read my private thoughts” and entered my hotel room secretly and left a 4 blade razor on the table by the time I got back in the night, to secretly inform me that they knew what I was thinking. Attached is a picture of the razor CIA and NSA Psychopaths left in my room.

I listed this incident so you can understand CIA and NSA Psychopaths stalked and psychologically tortured me regardless of location, even when I went to Las Vegas.


On November 17th, 2006 I told my brother during a conversation at his house, I stopped drinking Orange juice because I suspected CIA and NSA psychopaths were poisoning/fluoridating the orange juice in my refrigerator.

CIA and NSA Illuminati Psychopaths watched this conversation with illegal surveillance devices at my brothers home and posted this sarcastic message [Kent Wills sends his regards and says to enjoy your orange juice.] the next day on November 18th, 2006.

The word “Ulaanbaatar” is also a secret message to me from the CIA and NSA Psychopaths but I forgot the context since it happened long time ago.

Newsgroups: sci.anthropology, soc.rights.human, alt.mindcontrol, alt.lawyers

From: [“Ulaanbaatar Anonymous Remailer”] <webmas…>

Date: 18 Nov 2006 10:43:50 -0800

Subject: Re: RUTHLESSLY KILL TERRORIST PSYCHOPATHS BUSH, CHENEY, RUMSFELD, Robert Mueller, Keith Alexander, Mathew Hayden and John Negroponte

[Kent Wills sends his regards and says to enjoy your orange juice.]


I have a habit of putting groceries in the refrigerator with the packet opening facing

the front. I bought some groceries, one of them a carrot bag and placed it in the

refrigerator as shown in Picture1 and left the apartment around 1:30 pm on February 5th, 2007.

CIA and NSA Illuminati Terrorists “read my private conscious thoughts and habits” and entered by apartment secretly and illegally and “reversed” the carrots packet and left it as shown in picture2 when I was NOT at home between 1:30 pm and 4:30 pm the same day on February 5th, 2007.

CIA and NSA Illuminati Terrorists did these kind of things to alter my perception abilities and confuse me with the eventual objective of driving me to insanity.


One day I “wondered” if the CIA and NSA Psychopaths are still watching me with secret surveillance devices in my apartment.

CIA and NSA Illuminati Psychopaths “read my private thoughts” and posted this secret message with [email id:]. Obviously the email id [“warning_i_c_u”] is self explanatory.


From: [warning_i_c_u]

Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2008 17:56:06 -0700 (PDT)

Subject: Re: Jesus was a cricketer and Hindu XI


On August 9th, 2011 morning I read on a website about a doctor advising people over 40 to take Calcium tablets and then I “thought” about buying Calcium tablets next time I go out for groceries.

CIA and NSA Illuminati Terrorists “read my private thoughts” and posted the following message the same day on August 9th, 2011 with keywords “On the fritz” reminding me that I already bought Calcium tablets a while ago and it is on my fritz. This clearly shows and proves the CIA and NSA Illuminati Terrorists even kept track of what I bought in the past and how obsessed they are with me and my life in general.

The previous day on August 8th, 2011 I spoke to my Sister-In-Law on the phone and “wondered” why she is “extra nice” to me on that occasion.

CIA and NSA Psychopaths “read my private thoughts” and posted the word “Twokay” in the name to secretly inform me that my Sister-In-Law was extra nice to me because I owed my brother $2000 (Twokay).

This clearly proves CIA and NSA Psychopaths chipped my sister-in-law and read her private thoughts and also put me under surveillance since they knew I borrowed $2k from my brother.


From: Dodo Twokay <dodo…>

Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2011 17:47:24 -0700 (PDT)

Subject: HHTC EvsI T3 Selections

Since Google groups is [on the fritz …]


CIA, FBI and NSA Illuminati Terrorists terrorized me by calling my unlisted land and phone#s at least 200 times in a month and a half in July and August 2004, intentionally asking for Roberto Fernandez (last name changed), knowing fully well that nobody by the name Roberto Fernandez lived at my number and even after I told them that number belongs to me.

I called undercover FBI agent, Kathleen Sue Taylor (248-356-1946) who lived on Bermuda Ln, Southfield, MI on April 1st, 2004 and told her I do NOT want to receive any HARASSING UNSOLICITED phone calls from the FBI and from next day onwards, the CIA/FBI/NSA Psychopaths spoofed my unlisted cell phone# on caller id of these people multiple # of times, where the owners of those phone#s listed below got upset and called me and left abusive messages in my answering machine.

The owners of these phone numbers listed below called and asked me why I was calling them repeatedly, even though I DON’T KNOW who they are and I NEVER called them even once.

I always had UNLISTED PHONE NUMBERS ever since I started having my own phone since 1987 and this kind of thing NEVER happened to me before.

If you notice, the CIA, FBI and NSA Illuminati Terrorists STARTED spoofing my unlisted phone number from April 2nd, EXACTLY the day after I called undercover agent Kathleen Sue Taylor, BECAUSE they were UPSET I called her.

   703-580-8992         4/2/04     Dale City, VA
   540-309-1226         4/3/04     Roanoke VA
   434-525-1448         4/3/04     Lynchburg, VA
   757-404-1076         4/4/04     Harry Folsom left me an abusive message
   703-820-6695         4/4/04     DC Suburb, VA
   770-966-5236         4/4/04     Cooper P D, Woman left me an abusive message
   757-483-0583         4/7/04     Norfolk, VA
   540-463-7459         4/7/04     Lexington VA
   770-253-6297         4/8/04     Hammond Stinson
   703-541-0950         4/9/04     DC Suburb, VA

As you can see most of these numbers from which people abused me, are from Virginia area where CIA (Langley) and FBI are located.


a) While living in Atlanta Metro area in 2004, I bought a Metro PCS phone giving a fake name and fake address to get privacy (since I already know CIA and NSA have bugged my phone) and kept it in my pocket and quietly went into the private kitchen area and hid the phone in one of the pots inside the kitchen cabinet, assuming that the CIA and NSA Psychopaths were NOT watching me in the kitchen with secret surveillance devices.

CIA and NSA Psychopaths “read my private thoughts” and also “watched what I did” and turned the kitchen light “ON”, (when I went out for a couple of hours and got back) to secretly inform me that they knew I hid the Cell Phone in the Kitchen cabinet.

FYI, this was back in 2004 when I was trying to evade their surveillance and NO, it was NOT my perception problem/mistake. The kitchen light was TURNED ON by the CIA and NSA Psychopaths as a “secret message” to me.

b) Since the CIA and NSA Psychopaths are watching me even in the Kitchen with secret surveillance devices, I returned that Metro PCS phone and waited a week and bought another Metro PCS phone again with a different fake name and fake address and this time put it in my pocket and quietly took it to the bathroom and hid it in the cabinet underneath the bathroom countertop.

In the evening when left the apartment for half an hour and got back, CIA and NSA Psychopaths entered my apartment illegally and locked the bathroom door from inside, to secretly inform me that they knew, I hid the Cell Phone in the bathroom.


On December 27th, 2008 at 7 PM, while living in San Jose, CA I went to the bathroom to take a shower. I always leave my shoes near the entrance door inside my apartment.

When I got out of the Shower and went to the living room, CIA and NSA Psychopaths secretly entered my apartment and moved my Shoes to the Kitchen area. They also moved my watch from the coffee table to the bathroom counter top.

This was NOT a prank played by my friends or family members. This was done by the CIA and NSA Psychopaths to psychologically torture me and let me know that they can enter my apartment any time at will.


a) When I was multitasking surfing the web and having lunch and talking to some one on the phone, one day the lunch plate slipped out of hand and the food spilled on the carpet.

CIA and NSA Psychopaths “watched this with illegal surveillance devices” in my apartment and made a sarcastic comment on newsgroup about the spilled food the same day it happened.

Unfortunately I forgot to bookmark that sarcastic comment from CIA and NSA Psychopaths.

b) On February 20th, 2007 when I was out of my apartment from 1 PM to 6 PM, CIA and NSA Psychopaths entered my apartment and turned the Coffee Maker and Rice Cooker “ON”.

c) On July 5th, 2006 when I toasted bread for breakfast, it was burned black because CIA and NSA Psychopaths secretly entered my apartment that night and turned the Toaster Setting “VERY HIGH”.

d) SADISTIC CIA and NSA Psychopaths AMUSED themselves by turning my bedroom table lamp in my bedroom, “ON” and “OFF” by using remote control devices, sometimes while I was browsing the web from my desktop computer next to the bed.

e) On August 22n, 2004 around 7:30 PM, while I was taking a nap, CIA and NSA Psychopaths entered my apartment and turned the Air Conditioner “ON” to TAUNT
me that they were entering my apartment even when I was present in my apartment.


Some time in January/February 2002 I went to Best Buy store on Telegraph Road in Southfield, Michigan. I noticed a mid 30s Caucasian man and a woman dressed casually, and covertly following/observing me at a distance inside the store.

I stood at the Tax software aisle and bent down to pick up a CD from the bottom shelf and looked towards the end of the aisle from the corner of my eye. The two CIA and NSA Psychopaths who were following me were standing and subtly bending over the aisle looking for me with a facial expression “Where did this guy suddenly go?”

I am 100% certain they are CIA, FBI or NSA Psychopaths and these identifications and perceptions are one of the reasons why they are so obsessed with me.


While living in the Atlanta Metro area, I spoke to an attorney from a pay phone on “June 24th, 2004” and during the conversation I asked the attorney if we can get a court order to force the Internet Service Provider to reveal if my internet web surfing is being monitored by the FBI and lo and behold my internet account MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARED from the ISP computers on June 25th, 2004.

On inquiry, my ISP told me somebody called and cancelled my internet account the previous day.

CIA and NSA Psychopaths “heard my conversation with the attorney” and either impersonated me and cancelled my internet account OR may be one of their spies in customer service department removed the account.


When I went back to India in September 2004, I took my desktop computer (which was already bugged by CIA and NSA) with me. After a couple of months, I sold it and bought a new laptop in India to avoid surveillance of my internet activity by the CIA and NSA Psychopaths.

When I set up my laptop outlook express and newsreader software clients to post messages on Usenet newsgroups, I tested them by posting some test messages on different newsgroups.

CIA and NSA Psychopaths “read my private thoughts with Satellites” and posted the following message on November 1st, 2004 when I was almost done with the testing process.!msg/alt.privacy/MQBCkLFstoA/ZBFNOKH-3NsJ

From: lcs Mixmaster Remailer <Use-Author-Address-Header@[127.1]>

Newsgroups: alt.privacy

Subject: [Testing is Almost Done]

Date: 2 Nov 2004 01:00:09 -0000

[~~Getting close I think.]


In August 2004 since I already knew my apartment was bugged by CIA and NSA Psychopaths, I deliberately spoke to friends in a Non-English language to make it “little harder” for the CIA and NSA Psychopaths to decipher the conversations.

CIA and NSA Psychopaths “read my private thoughts” and called me about 15 times in half an hour and sarcastically said “Como Estas” and asked for Roberto Fernandez, even after I told them, no body by the name Roberto Fernandez lives at my number.

The secret communication sarcasm of that “Como Estas” from CIA and NSA Psychopaths was to inform me, they knew I was deliberately talking to friends in a Non-English language.


While staying with my brother and mother for a couple of months, I gained some weight because of eating nice home cooked food and On November 17th, 2005 “thought” that I was becoming fat and should control my weight.

CIA and NSA Psychopaths “read my private thoughts” and posted the following abusive message [Fat Ravi”], the next day on November 18th, 2005.

This clearly proves the CIA and NSA Psychopaths’ Synthetic Telepathy mind reading technologies and the fact they posted my real last name “Ravi” even though I always used anonymous/fake names and internet proxy servers proves this person with a fake name Narayanan” is a CIA perp.


From: “Narayanan” <askurmom_amn_askur…>

Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 15:58:37 -0600

Subject: Re: Irfans bowling inconsistency is worrisome

[Fat ravi] is pounding with small co*ck like u into Jayaraman’s wife. ha ha ha


From August 26th to August 28th, 2004 while still living in Atlanta Metro area, I prepared a document with all these CIA and NSA stalking, surveillance, abuse and torture details and emailed lot of investigative reporters on using “three different email ids” from Kinkos since CIA and NSA Psychopaths bugged my home computer.

CIA and NSA Psychopaths “read the passwords from my mind” of my three email ids and “illegally changed them on August 29th, 2004” from which point I lost access to the three email ids I used to email the investigative reporters.


On August 7th, 2004 I changed the car I rented the previous day and travelled a couple of hours on a highway, took a random exit and parked the car in a strip mall parking lot and spent about 20 minutes in a retail store.

By the time I got back to the car, CIA and NSA Psychopaths followed me and put two quarters on a plastic bag containing donuts in the back seat of the car just to taunt and terrorize me that I can never evade their surveillance and that they are still following me even when I rented a car and drove out of the city.


In January 2002 I went to Best Buy on Telegraph Road in Southfield, MI to shop for a Cell Phone but decided to wait a little longer for a better price.

CIA and NSA Psychopaths “read my private thoughts” and faxed me at home, unsolicited Cell Phone deals, to secretly inform me that they knew what I was thinking.

I kept all those unsolicited faxes from 2002-2004 but unfortunately lost them by the time I prepared this website in 2014.

Likewise CIA and NSA Psychopaths faxed and called me hundreds of times unsolicited in 2002-2004 time frame with fake marketing messages and also pretended to be from credit card collection agencies.


CIA and NSA Psychopaths “remotely operated my laptop and IPhone” many times and opened software or did google searches etc to secretly inform me that they bugged my laptop and IPhone and can remotely operate them any time at will.


Posted on mind control activism yahoo support group on September 19th, 2010 “anonymously” by a CIA and NSA Illuminati PSYCHOPATH with a fake name “Leia.Nobel” involved in SECRETLY TORTURING AMERICANS with Directed Energy Weapons….

I am NOT a guinea pig, I am a TORTURE VICTIM of CIA…..plain and simple and so are millions of clueless americans who don’t know they are already secretly chipped with Synthetic Telepathy chips by the CIA and NSA Psychopaths.


I tried everything from security alarm systems, surveillance video cameras, hasp key locks, window locks and blocking the door as shown in the pictures below but could NOT stop the CIA and NSA Psychopaths from entering my apartment when I was asleep, because they were using Invisibility Cloaking Technology and Traveling Through Other Dimensions to enter my apartment.

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