As I have mentioned in other sections of this website, CIA and NSA ILLUMINATI PSYCHOPATHS have been reading and emailing/posting my private thoughts and physically and mentally torturing and threatening me since 2001 to restrict and set boundaries to my thought processes and instill fear in me ala George Orwell’s 1984.

I some how managed to completely compartmentalize all the tortures and mind control and remained sane and rational. Along the way I did a few things to DEFY and REPEL their forcible virtual mind control as listed below.


I got frustrated and tired of CIA and NSA Illuminati Psychopaths “reading my private thoughts” and “sub vocal speech” and torturing me. So I said to myself in sub vocal speech and also to the CIA and NSA Psychopaths as a message that “I’ll fucking say whatever I want and whenever I want” and won’t let them control/restrict my speech and thoughts.

CIA and NSA Illuminati Psychopaths “read my private thoughts/sub vocal speech with Satellites” and posted this secret message for me next day on Mar 8th, 2005 with words “I’ll fucking say whatever I choose when the heck ever I like” in the comments.

Newsgroups: alt.privacy, alt.privacy.anon-server,, co.general

From: Sam Bam <s…@bam.slam>

Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2005 05:52:01 GMT

Subject: Re: I’m going to kill Ward Churchill

[I’ll fucking say whatever I choose when the heck ever I like. ]


On February 14th, 2007 I downloaded these two 16 yr old girls pictures from MySpace and masturbated while the CIA and NSA Illuminati Psychopaths and Terrorists watched me illegally with secret surveillance devices and also stalked, threatened, tortured and tried to mind control me for 6 years since 2001 as of 2007. Just so you know, I am NOT a pervert and I deliberately did this to show and prove to the most powerful CIA and NSA Psychopaths who blatantly violated all my constitutional rights, invaded and destroyed my privacy since 2001, “that they CANNOT set boundaries to my thoughts and actions.”

MySpace Picture 1

MySpace Picture 2


After getting sick and tired of watching the CIA and NSA Terrorists posting my private thoughts and threatening me and getting into my apartment in my absence and also when I am asleep and moving around things to psychologically destroy me, I turned towards the secret surveillance devices and said “You want to play psychological games with me motherfuckers ? You think you can play with me ? Ok lets play”

CIA and NSA Illuminati Terrorists watching me with Illegal Secret Surveillance devices and REACTED and emailed me this secret message the next day on August 8th, 2007 with Subject: “GAME ON” to inform me they are ready for the challenge.


By now you must have understood how CIA and NSA Psychopaths physically and mentally tortured me since 2001 “to induce fear in my mind and artificially set boundaries to my thought processes and actions” with their mind control technologies. You should also know by now that CIA and NSA Psychopaths can “remotely read all human emotions like happiness, despair, anger, jealousy, guilt and fear for example from a chipped human brain”.

As acts of ultimate defiance, I did a few things deliberately in my apartment (right in front of the CIA and NSA Psychopaths and Terrorists watching me with illegal secret surveillance devices) “multiple times” that are supposed to make me feel scared of them and guilty and then I challenged them that they won’t find “even an iota of fear and guilt in my brain” on their computer monitors.

FACT is they did NOT find even an iota of guilt in my brain when I committed these acts.

Which means CIA and NSA Terrorists may have won the small battles in the last 13 years against me with their infinite god like power, money and technology but in the end I SINGLE HANDEDLY WON THE WAR against the CIA human Gods who failed to control my mind despite their non-stop 14 year torture.

None of you will ever understand the monumental significance of this particular act of defiance.

Unfortunately I cannot reveal to the public at this time these acts of defiance I did in my apartment that are supposed to make me feel “scared and guilty.”


None of you will ever comprehend why I did this particular act of defiance because none of you have the ability to create temporary space in your brain and fill it up with only the relevant facts of how I was mind controlled by CIA and NSA Psychopaths since 2001, and my mental state at that time, and think like a juror is supposed to think.

On January 23rd, 2008 I took three huge garbage bags full of trash and may be two hundred coke cans in my car, drove in the middle lane, opened the drivers side window and littered and strewn each bag on 101 North, then on 880 South and finally on 101 South in San Jose, CA during day time.

If you are wondering why I did this on January 23rd, 2008, please see the following threat message from CIA and NSA Psychopaths on the same day morning on January 23rd, 2008 who have been using me as an involuntary torture guinea pig and bragged that they were stalking me since the year 2000 and entering my apartment even when I was asleep and even threatened to murder me. You can read the other threat messages in “How CIA And NSA Threatened And Tortured Me For 14 Years” Section of this website.


I posted an advertisement on craigslist if anybody has marijuana to sell me. Some one responded and I met him in a pharmacy parking lot and bought it. Then on June 1st, 2008 I smoked marijuana in my apartment right in front of the CIA, FBI and NSA Illuminati Psychopaths who were watching me with illegal secret surveillance devices and challenged them to arrest and prosecute me. FYI, I never did any drugs before this incident. I did this deliberately to PROVE to the CIA, FBI and NSA Psychopaths that I will NOT let them control my thoughts and actions.

You can see the marijuana pictures I took from that day on June 1st, 2008.


I did some other acts of defiance to show and prove to the FBI, CIA and NSA Psychopaths that I am NOT their slave like they bragged to me, and that they cannot control my actions and behavior, but unfortunately it would be inappropriate to reveal them to the public at this time.


After being subjected to endless stalking, threats, physical and mental tortures since 2001 as explained in other sections of this website, I finally resorted to emailing and posting internet threats on every US Congressman, Senator, President, Vice President, Defense Secretary, Attorney General and Directors of National Intelligence, FBI, CIA and NSA and also all FBI, CIA and NSA Agents as can be seen in the “Threats I Emailed And Posted All Over Internet From 2006 to 2012” section (private section I have given access to only some people) of this website and challenged the FBI to arrest and prosecute me. As per FBI’s own record and admission, I emailed and posted more than 5000 threats from 2006-2012.

I also emailed copies of all these threats and links, to every FBI Field Office in America and even CIA, NSA, BATF, DHS and US Marshalls offices from their websites and asked them why they are NOT arresting me for committing such heinous crimes, but I never got a response.

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