I am NOT a psychologist or a psychiatrist but will explain in very simple common sense psychology terms, the mentality of this secret society CIA, FBI and NSA Illuminati Psychopaths. Spies do often suffer from a sociopathic, anti-social personality disorder, because their work of necessity often involves the use of strategies and tactics known as Machiavellian intelligence.

All these mind boggling futuristic technologies turned the CIA and NSA elites into absolute sadists, perverts and psychopaths.

A sadist WANTS to make and watch (and listen to) a person suffer.  

Their gig is to “totally bombard” the victims with several hundred sadistic acts, several hundred civil rights violations, and never ending harassment OF ALL KINDS year after year. They mess with everything in your life and they feel good and a sense of accomplishment by continually harming others and messing with every aspect of their life. Whereas normal people feel good upon creating something, or providing good, honest service for people or completing an unusually tough job or helping people, these people gloat and feel self-confidence from the results of their sadistic acts and the sorrow and pain it causes the victim. They are about as mature as a 5-year old child.  But immaturity isn’t really the problem, it’s the extreme dangerousness.

These psychopaths and sadists TORTURE PEOPLE for “FUN and GAMES”. The pain, humiliation and suffering of other human beings is “blood and oxygen” for these CIA and NSA psychopaths. They watch all the suffering, pain and humiliation in the brains of torture victims on their computer monitors and party as if there is NO tomorrow.

1) If a low IQ George Bush Jr despite the non-stop intense scrutiny by the public and media can lie, deceive and manipulate USA and the rest of the world about non-existent WMDs to wage a war against Iraq, just IMAGINE and EXTRAPOLATE how EASY it would be for the high IQ’ed CIA and NSA Elites (with 100% secrecy and 0% accountability and NO public and media scrutiny,) whose very job is PROFESSIONAL LYING, to deceive and manipulate you and the rest of the Americans.

2) Imagine and ask yourself how sadistic, cruel, evil and perverted YOU would be if you have “Invisibility Cloaking Technology” coupled with “Mind Control Technology” and on top of that backing and support of the most powerful secret society called Illuminati comprised of CIA, NSA, DHS, DoD, DIA, FBI, BATF personnel in terms of financing and man power and the ability to commit unspeakable crimes WITHOUT leaving any trail or an iota of evidence.

3) Relax your mind, take a deep breath and for once, be completely honest with yourself and think about what you will do if you have Invisibility Cloaking technology and the ability to chip any human being with Synthetic Telepathy chips and read/program/influence them to do your bidding AND more importantly if you know for a FACT, no one will ever hold you accountable, you will never go to prison and no one can ever figure out what you are doing.

4) CIA and NSA Psychopaths have the ability to kill any human being in thousands of ways and commit a zillion other crimes without leaving an iota of evidence to trace it back to them. Lets face the fact that ordinary cops and even FBI agents (excluding very few) are low to average IQ’ed people and they do NOT have the experience, intellectual ability and the technology to solve crimes and murders committed by these elite CIA and NSA Psychopaths.

5) If americans with “very little power” like marine lyndie england sexually abused and tortured prisoners to satisfy their perversions and sadism, imagine how perverted and sadistic CIA and NSA Psychopaths are with unlimited power and zero accountability and on top of that “absolute secrecy” ?

6) If IRS employees with very limited power and without any Invisibility Cloaking and Mind Control Technologies, “secretly read celebrities tax returns despite laws”, just imagine and extrapolate what and how CIA and NSA Psychopaths with no laws, accountability and public scrutiny, are illegally and secretly invading, manipulating and altering the natural course of your private lives 24X7 every day with slight nudges to your decision making.

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